Headteacher: Karl Russell

Silsden Primary School
Hawber Cote Lane
Silsden BD20 0JJ
T: 01535 653 290

About Us

Welcome To Silsden Primary School!

In September 2017 Aire View Infant School and Hothfield Junior School came together to form Silsden Primary School.
Two ‘good schools’ (Ofsted – June and November 2016) have come together to form one great school…
Our children, together with their parents, have created their own motto for learning: ‘Young Minds, Free Spirit, Great Future’

Silsden Primary School is a special place – an uplifting school full of joy and passion for learning. We are a happy and inclusive school offering all our children the opportunity to succeed.
Every day at Silsden Primary School counts – because every day is rewarding, challenging, productive and enjoyable for our children. We want every child to find their place to shine.
Children only have one chance at their primary schooling and, with our rich and varied curriculum, we know that over their seven years at Silsden, each child will be able to grow and develop with confidence. We grow children who can succeed in their core reading, writing and maths skills but who can also develop learning skills for life.
We see the potential of every child who joins us. We believe “All children can become successful and energised learners” and “Intelligence is not fixed – it can be grown”.

Silsden is a rich and diverse community and Silsden Primary School is here for all the children of the town – whatever their individual need. Here at Silsden Primary School, the children of this community learn values of tolerance, trust and mutual respect.
As a school in the heart of its community, our door is always open to parents and friends of the school to come and share the learning of the Silsden children – so if you want to know more about the special place that is Silsden Primary School, do arrange to come and have a look. A warm welcome awaits you!

Our Values

At Silsden Primary School we believe that:

  • our school is a place where all belong, all are nurtured and cared for and all feel safe
  • our school is a place of curiosity, joy and creativity where we foster a love of learning and a sense of self-belief, determination and high aspirations
  • our children are entitled to the highest quality education delivered with integrity, equality and fairness

We want our children to leave Silsden Primary School with:

  • confidence and enjoyment in reading, writing and maths
  • a strong knowledge and understanding of the world around them and the desire to know more
  • an appreciation of the lives of others – recognising that which we have in common and valuing difference
  • the ability to grow from mistakes, have their ideas challenged and challenge the ideas of others
  • an understanding that effort plus challenge leads to success
  • a positive attitude towards school and learning and a motivation to continue succeeding