“One Great School”
Headteacher: Karl Russell

Aire View Site

Elliott Street, Silsden, Keighley,
West Yorkshire BD20 0AW
T: 01535 653 290

Hothfield Site

Hothfield Street, Silsden, Keighley,
West Yorkshire BD20 0BB
T: 01535 210 666

Staff List


Mr K S Russell

Assistant Headteacher

Miss J Hudson – Inclusion Manager

Mrs A O’Hara – KS1 and KS2 Teaching and Learning

Miss J Whytock – EYFS

School Business Manager

Mrs S Boyes

Class Teachers

Nursery (Aire View Site)

Miss H Keenan (Donaldson/Potter)

Reception (Aire View Site)

Miss V Law (Jenner)

Miss F Powell (Nightingale)

Miss A Travers (Seacole)

Year 1 (Aire View Site)

Miss L Baker (Brunel)

Miss N Bonham (Stephenson)

Miss O Gregson (Whittle)

Year 2 (Aire View Site)

Mrs C Dale (Baird)

Mrs A Eames (Bell)

Mr O Musgrove (Berners-Lee)

Miss E Daguzan – Writing Lead – maternity leave

Mrs C Kenyon – maternity leave

Year 3 (Hothfield Site)

Miss R Hargreaves (Elgar)

Miss L Hill (Holst)

Mrs L Holmes (Lloyd-Webber)

Year 4 (Hothfield Site)

Mr B Bolland (Anning) – Maths Lead

Mrs S Carling (Hawking) – Science Lead

Mr R Peat (Turing)

Year 5 (Hothfield Site)

Mrs R Carter (Churchill)

Miss H Lowes (Pankhurst)

Miss M Smith (Wilberforce)

Year 6 (Hothfield Site)

Mrs R Hazlehurst (Drake)

Mr E Pickering (Nelson) – Wider Curriculum Lead

Mr T Swindells (Tull)

Other Teaching Staff

Mr J Crossley

Miss N Illsley

Mrs S Walker

Learning Support Staff

Mrs M Airey

Mrs S Andrews

Mr W Barber

Mrs E Beaumont

Mrs Samrina Bhatti

Mrs W Blake

Miss J Bogg

Mrs J Bowness

Mrs S Brown

Mrs W Clarkson

Mrs K Coburn

Mrs A Collins

Mrs H Couchman

Mrs K Dent

Mr J Duncan

Mrs H Eakin

Mrs J Elliott

Mrs J Gill

Mrs A Gornall

Mr T Hopkins

Mrs S Hutchinson

Mrs S Iqbal

Mrs J Keith

Mrs L Kendell

Mrs D Meakin

Miss M Naylor

Mrs J Pickering

Mrs K Rowling

Miss R Sealey

Mrs W Sealey

Miss J Seccombe

Miss C Shepherd

Mrs C Smith

Mrs C Spencer

Mrs K Spencer

Mrs L Thornton

Mrs D Trenouth

Learning Mentor and Family Support

Mrs J Burgoyne

Mrs H Hodgson

School Administration Team

Miss L Boyes

Mrs J Fowler

Mrs K Medley

Mrs P Southgate

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs J Saunders – Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs A Ackroyd

Mrs N Amarakoon Mudiyanselage

Mrs J Firth

Mrs S Hancock

Mrs S Hopkins

Mrs I Lamb

Mrs S McKenzie

Miss L Seccombe

Mrs J Wainman

Mrs J Wood

Caretaking and Cleaning Team

Mr D Hardman – Premises Manager

Mr M Fearnley

Mrs S Hopkins

Mr K Wongkalasin

Mrs N Wongkalasin