“One Great School”
Headteacher: Karl Russell

Aire View Site

Elliott Street, Silsden, Keighley,
West Yorkshire BD20 0AW
T: 01535 653 290

Hothfield Site

Hothfield Street, Silsden, Keighley,
West Yorkshire BD20 0BB
T: 01535 210 666

Welcome to the new Silsden Primary School

Staff List

Key Stage 1

HeadteacherMr Karl Russell
Senior Leadership Mrs Theresa O’Connor (Deputy Head / EYFS / KS1 Lead)
Mrs Alison O’Hara (Key Stage 2 Phase Lead)
Miss Jennie Hudson (Inclusion & Intervention Manager / SENDCo)
Mrs Sally-Anne Boyes(Business Manager)
Year NMrs Lucy Tucker
Mrs Omeara Ahmad
Year ReceptionMs Vicky Law
Mrs Stephanie Roberts
Miss Ella Kiernan-Firth
Year 1Ms Fran Powell
Miss Niamh Bonham
Mrs Claire Dale and Mrs Abi Travers
Year 2Miss Amy Whitaker
Mrs Alison O’Hara and Mrs Anna Fisher
Miss Ella Daguzan
NurtureMrs Wendy Sealey (Therapeutic Play Practitioner)
Mrs Wendy Clarkson (Nurture Practitioner)
Teaching Support TeamNursery:
Mrs Susan Andrews
Mrs Kathy Rowling
Mrs Kelly Coburn
Mrs Sharon Grimshaw
Mrs Jamiey Bogg
Mrs Wendy Blake
Year 1:
Mrs Jo Keith
Mrs Jo Gill
Mrs Helen Eakin
Year 2:
Mrs Cath Smith
Mrs Judith Pickering
Mrs Kerry Spencer
Mrs Allison Ward
Mrs Margaret Pickard
Administration Team and Parental Involvement OfficerMrs Penny Southgate (Finance and Office Manager)
Mrs Jane Fowler (Senior Administrator)
Mrs Louise Heslop (Family Support Specialist)
Lunchtime Supervisors Mrs Wendy Clarkson (Senior Lunchtime Supervisor)
Mrs Wendy Blake
Mrs Fiona Watson
Mrs Cath Smith
Mrs Julie Firth
Mrs Jane Saunders
Catering Team Mrs Jennie Newiss
(Kitchen Manager)
Mrs Ann Crocker (Deputy Kitchen Manager)
Mrs Lauren Parker
Caretaking and Cleaning Team Mr Kitty Wongkalasin
Mrs Nidd Wongkalasin


Key Stage 2

Year 3 Mr Tom Swindells
Mrs Clare Oswald
Mrs Teresa Shiach and Miss Nicky Illsley
Year 4Mr Jon Crossley
Mrs Shelia Walker
Mr Rob Peat
Year 5Mrs Rebecca Hazlehurst
Mr Edward Pickering
Year 6Mrs Rebecca Carter
Mr Bevan Bolland
Mrs Sarah Carling
Teaching Support TeamMrs Alison Gornall (HLTA)
Mrs Jan Burgoyne (HLTA)
Mrs Karen Dent
Mr Wayne Barber
Mrs Louise Kendell
Miss June Seccombe
Mrs Teresa Erasmus
Mrs Lisa Thornton (ICT Technician)
Mrs Debra Meakin
Mrs Caroline Spencer
Mrs Charlotte Curran
Mr John Duncan
Mrs Alison Emmott
Mrs Heather Couchman
Miss Rachel Hargreaves
Administration Team and Parental Involvement OfficerMrs Sally-Anne Boyes (Business Manager)
Mrs Rachael Rothery
Mrs Kylie Medley
Mrs Jan Burgoyne (Family Liason and Learning Mentor)
Lunchtime Supervisors Mrs Pam Ogston (Senior Supervisor)
Mrs Cheryl Bradley
Mrs Lisa Thornton
Mrs Sarah Pullen
Mrs Theresa Erasmus
Mrs Gillian Shuttleworth
Mrs Heather Couchman
Miss Laura Seccombe
Catering Team Mrs Hopkins
Mr Mark Fearnley
Caretaking and Cleaning Team Mr Paul Collins (Caretaker)
Mr Mark Fearnley
Mrs Gillian Shuttleworth
Miss Laura Seccombe