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Welcome to the new Silsden Primary School

Pupil Premium

Silsden Primary School Pupil Premium Expenditure

Silsden Primary School receives a Pupil Premium Grant for each child who is entitled to receive Free School Meals or who has been entitled over the last six years, and for any Looked After Children or adopted.

We are required to publish online information about how we have used the premium.

.The Governing Body of the school decided that this grant should be spent as follows:

– To support the cost of employing a Learning Mentor and Parental Involvement Officer to work to support pupils to overcome barriers to learning resulting from their deprivation.

– To support children’s learning in the classroom by:

– ensuring that class sizes for pupil premium children are as low as possible in order that PP children can receive enhanced direct teacher intervention in their learning 

– ensuring that the pupil premium children have their needs clearly identified and their progress closely monitored through school.

– supporting one to one reading, writing and maths intervention programmes for pupil premium children who need additional support

– funding targeted teacher assistant support for learning in the classroom

–  To create a Special Fund for Pupil Premium children  and use this fund for:

– school trips, extracurricular activities, books to promote reading and to fund other opportunities to boost learning.

– individual musical instrument hire and tuition.

We write to all parents whose children are entitled to free school meals or who have been entitled over the previous six years in September outlining the above support available.  We also assure parents that all matters regarding use of the Special Fund are treated with discretion and in confidence.

Silsden Primary School’s Pupil Premium Spending Plans for 2018-19:

2018-19 Pupil Premium Spending Plan



Silsden Primary School’s Pupil Premium Grant for 2017-18 was £113 973

Pupil Premium Outcomes July 2018:

There were 14 children out of the 67 in the Year 6 cohort who were eligible for Pupil Premium funding (21%).

Number of Pupil Premium children achieving the national standard Number of Non-Pupil Premium children achieving the national standard PP vs National Gap

(national 76%)

9/14   64%


40/51  78%



(national 75%)

8/14   57% 45/53   85% -18%

(national 78%)

9/14   64% 42/51   82% -14%

(national 78%)

9/14  64% 43/53   81% -14%

How did we use Pupil Premium Funding at Silsden Primary School – 2017 to 2018



Our PP Spending Review for 2017-18