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Family Support, Fostering and Adoption Support Group

Family Support &Fostering & Adoption support group meeting dates 2016/2017

Thursday 13th October 2016

Thursday 8th December 2016 – CANCELLED

Thursday 9th February 2017

Thursday 30th March 2017

Thursday 18th May 2017 – apologies this date has now been rearranged to Friday 16th June

Meetings start at 9am – 10.00am, here in school. We hope to see you there!

Parents/Carers of fostered & adopted children, or those children under Special Guardianship

Have you adopted a child, or are looking after a child of another family member? Maybe you care for a child in Special Guardianship or perhaps you are undertaking foster care long/short term?  If you find yourself in any of these unique and special circumstances then this information is specifically designed to support you and your family.

At Aire View Infant School we are totally committed to supporting all of our families.  We are incredibly proud of all our children and know that many of them start their young lives with additional challenges.  We also know we have some amazing parents who dedicate their lives to children from all backgrounds.  We acknowledge that if you have adopted a child or are looking after a child in short or long term care arrangement then you may have specific needs with their education and / or emotional support.

Did you know that following changes in education legislation as a looked after child/children or ‘Post looked after’ for adopted children they now have priority in school choices?  This means when making applications for Nursery, Reception and Secondary Schools your child will be prioritised over other children in recognition that sometimes they have had a difficult start in life and they may need some additional support.  At Aire View Infant School we can support you with any school applications and support you through this sometimes complicated process.  We know how important it is for families to know what support they can get.

Did you also know that Adopted children and those in special care arrangements receive additional funding in school for the school to spend on supporting the children?  This may be used to employ additional adults, support with school trips, uniform or additional educational resources.  This additional money is called ‘Pupil Premium Plus’. You can see how we spend all our other Pupil Premium Income by looking on the parent’s page of the website.

Specific support for adopted children and their families at Aire View Infant School

  • Greater levels of communication so parents know in advance of class teachers being out of school or of changes to plans in school.  We know this is important so you can prepare your child at home.
  • Just prior to school holidays we will ensure the children have a ‘special conversation’ with their class teachers and a transition booklet given to take away to remind them of the school connection over the school holidays.
  • Advanced notice about transition – this will mean these parents will be told well in advance when the teacher changes at the end of each year and who the new teachers will be.  We hope this additional time will allow parents to prepare children for the changes.
  • Termly Fostering & Adoption Support Group meetings for parents are held so they can connect with parents in similar circumstances.  Giving parents an opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences, to give support and build up connections.
  • The school have committed to at least annual training for all staff on the issues of attachment and how adopted children may need additional and specialist support.
  • Aire View Infant School has two members of staff who lead on adopted children – the Head Teacher (Mrs. Vicky Bottomley) and the Parental Involvement Officer (Mrs. Louise Heslop). They can be contacted directly by parents who need support and will act as a link between home and school for issues that may be wider than the everyday issues of the classroom.

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