“One Great School”
Headteacher: Karl Russell

Aire View Site

Elliott Street, Silsden, Keighley,
West Yorkshire BD20 0AW
T: 01535 653 290

Hothfield Site

Hothfield Street, Silsden, Keighley,
West Yorkshire BD20 0BB
T: 01535 210 666

Reading Challenge


We want Silsden Primary children to read a wide range of books, both on their own and together with parents, which is why we have launched the Silsden Primary Reading Challenge.

Children are challenged to read / share with an adult as many books as they can from the Reading Challenge list during their time at Silsden Primary School. There are 10 books we are challenging the children to read or share with an adult while they are in Nursery and Reception, and another 10 for during Year 1 and Year 2. When they move up to the Hothfield site, there are 12 books for the children to read while they are in Year 3 and Year 4, and another 13 for during Year 5 and Year 6 but of course, children can read any of the books at any time.

There are copies of the books for children to borrow in our school library but obviously only a limited number.  Children can also borrow these books from Silsden or Keighley libraries, or some may be a great idea for you or friends and families to buy for your child as birthday or Christmas gifts.

We have chosen books from a range of times, places and authors based on a list from The Book Trust which we have adapted for our school.

The Reading Challenge book list will be in the children’s Reading Record (Aire View) and in their Planners (Hothfield) for parents to sign when their child has read a book from the list. Children will receive a sticker (Aire View) / a house point (Hothfield) for reading books on the list and also be entered for a prize draw held each term.

If you are looking for a book to read together with your child, many of these books will be wonderful for this perhaps one that you yourself remember well, or a new one that you have not yourself yet read and that you can enjoy together.

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