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Year 2 Home Learning

Year 2 Home Learning W.b. 01.06.20

Here is this week’s Home Learning. If you have any questions please contact us on Class Dojo and keep sending pictures and videos of what you have been up to!

The chapters of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone are all still on our YouTube channel. We hope you are enjoying it! Follow the links to watch the videos.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6 Part 1 

Chapter 6 Part 2

Chapter 7

Chapter 8 Part 1

Chapter 8 Part 2

Chapter 9 Part 1

Chapter 9 Part 2

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15 

Year 2 video 

During this time, it is really important for children to keep up with their phonics for reading and spelling. Therefore, we ask that you watch the 10 minute Ruth Miskin video’s daily. Year 2 children should be watching the Set 3 videos (please see the video release times below) . If children want to recap Set 2 alongside Set 3, that is fine. The video clips are available for 24 hours so you can watch them at any time during your day.

Ruth Miskin Daily Video Link

From 1st June:

All films will be available at 9.30 am.

Set 1, 2 and 3 Speed Sounds lessons will restart.
Set 2 and 3 Speed Sounds lessons will include new words for reading and spelling.

New daily films:

  • Read longer words: for children who can read Set 3 sounds and words confidently.
  • Read Red Words 1: for children who are reading Red, Green, Purple, Pink and Orange Read Write Inc. Storybooks. Many children are able to read these in Reception.
  • Read Red Words 2: for children who are reading Yellow, Blue and Grey Read Write Inc. Storybooks. Many children are able to read these in Y1.
  • Read and Hold a Sentence 1 (from 15th June): reading and writing practice for children reading Green, Purple, Pink and Orange Read Write Inc. Storybooks. (For children reading and writing with Set 1 sounds confidently and learning Set 2 sounds.)
  • Read and Hold a Sentence 2 (from 15th June): reading and writing practice for children reading Yellow, Blue and Grey Read Write Inc. Storybooks. (For children reading and writing words with Set 2 sounds confidently and learning Set 3 sounds.)

Set 2

Speed Sounds and Word Time 9.30am

Spelling 9.30am

Set 3

Speed Sounds and Word Time 9.30am

Spelling 9.30am

Keep up the super work Year 2!

Miss Daguzan, Mrs Kenyon and Mrs Eames

Messages from teachers

Birthday Message to Doves


Arithmetic paper

Arithmetic test 5

This week’s home learning is reviewing multiplication.

White Rose Maths home learning for Year 2. These are daily tasks which go live from 10am. The worksheets will need to be downloaded from our School Website from now on as they are no longer available through White Rose Maths for free. They are attached below each day along with the answers. https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-2/

Monday – Lesson 1: The 10 x table.

The 10 x table

Monday – Answers

Tuesday – Lesson 2: Make equal groups-sharing.

Make equal groups – sharing

Tuesday – Answers

Wednesday – Lesson 3: Make equal groups-grouping.

Make equal groups – grouping

Wednesday – Answers

Thursday – Lesson 4: Odd and Even numbers.

Odd and even numbers

Thursday – Answers

Friday – Lesson 5: Friday Challenge.

Extra Maths Activities:



  • TTRS is very popular with a few children in Year 2 but I would encourage more of you to give it a go particularly as part of your home learning routine. There are battles which they can get involved in and they can choose a friend to challenge separately! This week there is another Boys v Girls battle for Year 2.


This week’s English is based on the book ‘The Fox and the Star’. Just like last before half term, everything you need is on the two page document attached below. You do not need to buy the book, the pages you need are there for you.

The Fox and the Star plan

Monday – Complete the Spelling Punctuation and Grammar test. The answers are at the bottom of the paper.

Year 2 SPaG test 3

Tuesday – Follow the Explore it part of the plan. Discuss the questions and write your answers down. Use the questions, the pictures and the front cover to help you.

Wednesday – Look at the Illustrate it and Talk about it parts of the plan. Draw a picture of what you think Fox sees as he gazes up into the night sky. Discuss the questions on the plan for the Talk about it section, children could answer the questions in their exercise book after they have talked through the answers.

Thursday – Look at the Imagine it part of the plan and discuss with an adult what conversation you would have with your special friend. Once you have imagined having a conversation with your friend, you might want to record your conversation in speech bubbles so you don’t forget the things you want to tell them.

Friday –Use the Create it part of the plan. Now you have thought about about your friend, you might like to write a letter to them, you might like to include a drawing in this letter or even a poem or a joke.

If you would like to listen to the story, watch the YouTube video below.



This week’s Guided Reading, is based on extracts from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Children have hopefully been listening to the story on our YouTube channel but they do not have to have listened to complete these activities.

Where reading activities are differentiated with stars (*), children will find one star activities easier and three stars more challenging. Choose one of the sheets to complete each day.


Chapter 8 – Vocab Task


Chapter 8 Extract 1 Two Star

Chapter 8 Extract 1 Three Star


Chapter 8 Extract 2 Two Star

Chapter 8 Extract 2 Three Star


Chapter 8 Extract 3 Two Star

Chapter 8 Extract 3 Three Star


History of the seaside


Watch familiar faces read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for Harry Potter At Home – including Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter himself!), Eddie Redmayne and Stephen Fry.



Practise the weekly spellings attached in the document below and maybe even some extra common exception words. Children could complete their weekly spelling test in their exercise book.

Weekly Spellings wb 01.06.20

Year 2 Common Exception words

Friday – https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/

Log on to phonics play (parents have free access and instructions about how to create a log in are on the phonics play website) and revise our phonics and different spelling rules by playing the games.

Daily –  Continue to watch these daily videos, with your child, to help with their phonics. Focus on the set 3 sounds.

Ruth Miskin Daily Video Link

Handwriting on Letter Join

This is a website that we often use in school to assist with teaching cursive handwriting. There are lots of useful activities on offer such as practicing letter formation, listening to sentences being dictated and trying to accurately spell the words needed to using Year 2 common exception words in sentences. There is a dictation activity that we have set as this week’s home learning on the website so if you could have a go at this that would be great. Please let us know how you find navigating the website and if you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the Year 2 team.


Here is the information for logging in to the website. It can be accessed via a desktop computer, laptop or tablet.

Letter Join – Home Access Letter


Our new topic is ‘Beachcombers’. Usually we would be going to Lytham for a sunny day out by the sea however that will not be happening this year which is a great shame.

Beachcombers Creative home learning – here if you would to complete some of the creative home learning.

In the first week of this topic, we thought it would be nice to look at the Seaside –  Now and Then. This will involve sorting pictures into then (past) and now (present). We would also like children to write a few sentences about the seaside in the past and include a sentence about how they were different to the seaside now. This would be a great way to use commas in a list!

Seasides Past and Present PowerPoint

Seaside Learning Objective

Now and Then Seaside sorting activity


This week’s learning is all about Keeping Clean. Read through the PowerPoint and then complete the activities below.

Keeping Clean PowerPoint

How to wash your hands – sequencing

Learn the hand washing song!

Keeping Clean Activity Sheet

Family Science

Mrs Carling has posted a Family Science experiment on Class Dojo. It is called ‘Runny Races’

Here is the link: Family Science 5 – Runny Races

Have a go and send us pictures of your experiments!


Why not try out some of these fun Cosmic Yoga routines. The Harry Potter one is great!


Previous suggestions:

  • GoNoodle – A fun and funky way to keep fit.


  • Joe Wicks – The Body Coach will be holding live PE lessons every weekday on his YouTube channel at 9am. Please see the link to his page below.



Using your Yumu login, sent via Class Dojo, continue to complete your ‘Hands, Feet, Heart’ assignment.

It has a song to learn and sing, music to listen to from South Africa and some games to play as well. It could last for up to 6 weeks but feel free to use it more often and finish it earlier.

As well as Yumu there are many opportunities to listen to music around us.  Try to respond to some of it by drawing a picture, dancing, writing a poem or just relaxing with your eyes closed.


Learning Question – What is the best way for a Jew to show commitment to God?

Lesson 1 (w/b 1.6.20)

Think and talk about – At what age are you old enough to e.g. make your own breakfast, clean your teeth on your own, own a pet, get married, go to the shop on your own, ride your bike to school with your friends, make a cup of tea. Think of some other examples of your own.

Children make a timeline of their lives so far, marking some of the milestone moments when they became old enough to e.g. start nursery/start school, etc. Can record in any way – e.g. mini book, pictures etc.

Then ask: when are you old enough to decide on your religion? Next lesson we will be looking at Bar/Bat Mitzvah which is a special Jewish ceremony. It is about being old enough to take responsibility.


Please continue to visit ‘Harold’s Daily Diary’.

Coram Life Education SCARF – Harold, the happy, healthy giraffe mascot, will be posting a daily blog: Harold’s Daily Diary!  Each day he’ll be giving children positive, fun messages about what he’s doing to stay happy and healthy while he’s off school, separated from his friends. He’ll invite the children to join in with activities he’s doing. He’ll be giving children ideas for how they can get a routine going for their day, including the things we all need to do to live a balanced, healthy life. These include: taking regular exercise, being creative, helping others, connecting with others – in ways that are safe and mindfulness – learning to enjoy the moment, here and now.


We love to see the children’s work through photographs on Class Dojo so please send pictures throughout the week and will do our best to facilitate learning for the time that school is suspended.

The Year 2 Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Previous Home Learning

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