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Year 4 Home Learning

Welcome to the Year 4 Home Learning Page.

Hello year 4! Thank you for your ongoing hard work, we are still really impressed with those of you who are sending learning through to us! This week’s learning is building on last week. In maths, you will be telling the time on both analogue and digital clocks, progressing to the 24 hour clock later in the week. We will be carrying on looking at our new book Voices in the Park for English and our new topic ‘Playlist’ will also continue. Can you and your family create a playlist which is a good the staff’s?

Just a reminder that Ash and Sycamore classes can now post their work onto Seesaw and receive feedback during the school day from Mr Swindells. Maths and English lessons will also be posted onto Seesaw daily and can be completed on there should you wish to.

Keep on working hard!

Week commencing 8th June 2020

Maths – Time 


This week we begin to look at a new book that we can look at together. Please don’t read or listen to it it all in one go. Please stop at the point I say as it is more fun that way.

-Monday Lesson 1 Prediction

-Tuesday and Wednesday

This book is all about the different points of view of the characters. (We call that their voice)

Please only listen to  voice 1    up to 1:27 (1 minute 27 seconds) Listen to it twice

How would you describe the character of the mum? What can you tell about Mum through hearing and reading the text? Draw a picture of mum an outline or use mine!

Role on the Wall.  Her feelings on the outside and what she looks like etc on the outside

Think of great vocabulary What sort of person do you think she is? What is she feeling?


This is really the same as yesterday but this time for Dad Voice 2 up to 2:23 (2 minutes and 23 seconds.)


Today we are going to compare the characters of Mum and Dad.

Remember things that are the same and differences

Venn diagram of characters


Re read up to 2:23

Write a paragraph comparing the Mum and Dad Character.

Use phrases like ‘the evidence in the text shows that Mum or Dad is ……..this is proven by’

Do you like the characters? Why do you think that is? Which character do you like the most?

Also take time to look at the illustrations in the book more closely.  The pictures are really detailed.





Playlist Home Learning Ideas


Listen Up!

What do you know about sound? We are going on a journey to find out about sound.

Good Vibrations ppt

Sound Mind map

Sound Survey



This half term’s learning question: Do people need to go to church to show that they are Christians?



You have been set some new activities to do on https://www.languageangels.com/schools/ . Try to do a few activities if you can. Remember that each year 4 class has separate login.

Username: 4Ash   Password: silsden

Username: 4Hawthorn        Password: silsden

Username: 4Sycamore   Password: silsden


Useful website links








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