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Year 4 Home Learning

Welcome to our home learning page!

We will update this page every Monday morning before 9:30 during the period which we are not at school. Children- Please try to complete the learning to the best of your ability.

Thank you for all of your hard work last week – we really enjoyed looking at it all! Here is the learning for the week beginning the 30th March 2020. Please note that we will not be setting any work for two weeks after this one as it is the Easter Holidays and we recommend that you get a well deserved rest!

However you could investigate the new Family Science Task 


This week we are focussing on poetry. Please don’t look at Tuesday’s English until you have completed Monday’s! It will ruin the learning for you!

Monday – Predicting what a poem will be about

Tuesday – Performing a poem

Wednesday – Poetry plan

Thursday – Write your poem and perform it with actions. Hawthorn class – Feel free to record yourself performing your poem and send it to Mr Swindells via Seesaw. Ash class could record yourself on Dojo.

Friday -Pobble Picture Activities

Look at the picture (copy link to see a larger  picture) Choose 2 or 3 of the activities


There are two texts here for you to complete at any point this week.

Reading – week beginning 30th March


Watch episode 3 of Insect Worlds with Steve Backshall  – http://bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01rk1x9
Steve looks at some of the insects in the Swiss Alps.

Another video we would like you to watch if possible is a BBC bitesize clip about minibeasts – http://bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/zkkc87h
Why not choose an insect to write an information leaflet about?

Science Websites to have fun with. Look at these and pick an investigation to do together each week. Enjoy!



This week, we would like you to look at inverted commas (speech marks). If you don’t feel confident using speech marks then complete pages 21 and 22 but if you want a challenge then complete pages 23 and 24 instead. The SPAG resource is underneath titled Year 4 Home Learning Pack.

Year 4 Home Learning Pack 


Homophones – There are lots of activity sheets to choose from. Why not pick 10 words to learn and ask someone at home to test you on Friday? Remember to ask them to put it into a sentence also!

-homophones sheets


Here is the maths for this week. Monday and Tuesday’s learning is based on money (finding change) which we covered last year in year 3. For Wednesday and Thursday, we have decided to set you some work on negative numbers. This isn’t an area which we have looked at yet this year but we are confident that you can do the tasks set. Friday’s learning, like last week, is an arithmetic test. At the start of each day, we will also attach the answers so you can see if you’ve got the questions correct.  

Monday – 30.3.2020 Finding Change 

Monday’s answers

Tuesday – 31.3.2020 Two step problems Money

Tuesday’s maths answers

Wednesday – 1.4.2020 Negative Numbers

Wednesday’s answers

Thursday – 2.4.2020 Negative Numbers – reasoning

Thursday’s answers

Friday – Y4 Arithmetic Test- Friday 3rd April 2020

Friday’s answers

Of course, we would like you to continue your good work on TTRs. It would be fantastic if you could bring your speed down over the next few weeks and you have ongoing class battles. Try to log in and play this week if you can!


For our last week on mountains, we have decided to focus on Zentangle art.

zentangle art – mountains


We have been thinking about the idea of ‘forgiveness’ in RE this last half term.  We have looked at it in a very general way as something which is helpful for ourselves even more than the people that we are forgiving.  We then looked at how the Christian religion thinks about it.
We had pretty much completed the learning before school closed so to finish the unit off, children could recap some of the learning by watching the following videos.
request.org.uk/jesus/parables/the-unforgiving-servant-2/ (The parable of the unforgiving servant)
We would like you to produce a piece of art work which shows either something you have learned about forgiveness or your own thinking about it e.g a picture of about the parable of the unforgiving servant or a picture of a situation you have been in where you have forgiven someone or been forgiven.


The school have recently subscribed to a website called ‘Language Angels.’ Each Year 4 class have a login which they can use at home and explore some games, songs and learning which they have been looking at with Mr Crossley and Miss Illsley.

Instructions: Visit the website http://languageangels.com/  before clicking on ‘Pupil Games Area’. Then type in your class’s username and password.

Username: 4Hawthorn   Password: silsden

Username 4Ash  Password: silsden

Username: 4Sycamore   Password: silsden


Try to make your own game on Scratch or you can try and complete a project from http://computing.training/index.php/14-sample-data-articles/122-scratch-kids-tutorials. Remember you can access Scratch at http://scratch.mit.edu/

Don’t forget to use your class’s login to access your account.


Useful Websites

http://play.numbots.com/ You can access this by using your TTRs login.

http://thebodycoach.com (Daily P.E sessions starting at 9am on Monday 23rd March)

David Walliams Audio Books (He is releasing a short story a day at the moment!)

Elevenses with The World of David Walliams


Please feel free to photograph any learning and share it via your portfolio page on Class Dojo. Hawthorn class – Try to send anything to Mr Swindells via Seesaw.

Remember that Ash class will be having a video meeting on Wednesday at 3pm and Friday 10.30am on zoom.us. Please Look out for a dojo message with the code and password in.

Parents and carers – please don’t hesitate to contact us via Class Dojo if you have any questions about the learning.

Kind regards,

Mr Swindells, Mrs Carling and Mrs Walker