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Year 5 Home Learning

Welcome to the Year 5 Home Learning resource, for the period where the school is closed.


  • We will update the tasks each Monday by 9:30am.
  • There will always be Reading, Maths and Writing tasks as well as some from our wider curriculum.
  • Please note that there are a number of links within the text.
  • Where applicable, we will provide links to external websites or suggest apps that could help.
  • However, if you would like some guidance via Class Dojo, please do message us and we will do our best to help.


Suggested Timetable

Whilst we appreciate that everyone’s home circumstances are different, the children are used to a timetable/routine.  Below is a link to a suggested timetable.  It’s in Excel and is entirely editable for your own circumstances.  The one we’ve made is also in a dyslexia friendly font and features the style of visual symbols the children are used to:

Suggested Timetable

This week, we will be giving you a maths and English task each day…


The maths for the next few weeks will be recapping previous learning.

These are the small steps from our first maths unit on place value –

We have decided to focus on rounding and negative numbers.


Monday – Rounding.

rounding challenges

There are 3 sheets here – choose your level of challenge 1,2 or 3 star.  Perhaps if you start with 2 star and you find it quite easy, also have a go at 3 star.


Tuesday – Negative numbers.

If you have forgotten about negative numbers, take a look through this PowerPoint presentation before completing the work.  Make sure you view it as a presentation.  This presentation works though the type of questions you will be completing yourself. PowerPoint – Negative Numbers

Negative Numbers

There are 3 sheets here – 1st one is 1 star, 2nd is 2 star and 3rd is 3 star.

* No cheating!  Here are the answers – Answers – Negative Numbers

If you fancy a challenge, try this activity – NRICH-poster_NegativeDice

As well as answering the question on the challenge, you could try to find what possible totals could be made.


Wednesday – General Place Value

place value challenge cards

These place value challenge cards cover all of the place value work.

Challenge – Look at the Place Value small steps.  Make up your own place value challenge – message it to your teacher on dojo and they will send it out to the class to see if others can find a solution.

We’ve done this before but it might be useful to try again –

End of block, place value assessment – Year-5-Place-Value_End-of-Block-Assessment

When you have finished (and only then!!), you can check your answers – Year-5-Place-Value-Answers



These are the small steps for the next unit of work – Addition and Subtraction

Column addition –

Add Whole Numbers with More Than 4 Digits (Column Method)

As before sheet 1 is 1 star etc.

These sheets put exchanging digits below the answer line, please set it out as shown above.



Arithmetic Test – Y5-Arithmetic-Full-Test-2



Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday –


For these 3 days, English will be based around this short film called ‘Lighthouse.’

The Lighthouse KS2 Activity Pack – KS2 Activity Pack

There are a lot of activities in this activity pack but there are a few that I want you to focus on over these 3 days…

Monday – Pg. 6 – 7 (writing a diamante poem).  Pg 6 explains how to do this, pg 7 is a template for writing your poem if you want to use it.

Tuesday and Wednesday

Option 1 – Plan and write the ending of the story (see pg 12 for suggestions and ideas).  You could use pg 13 to write on or write in your English book.

Option 2 – Create a comic strip of the story (see pg. 14).  Think about what are the key parts of the story to add to your comic strip.  Can you add speech and thought bubbles where appropriate.

Whichever option you choose, spend time on it, making it a quality piece of work.  Dojo your class teacher a picture of your final piece and we might share them with the class.

Obviously, if you want to, you could do both options!

There is a lot more in this pack, maths, reading, art etc.  There is no requirement to complete this but if you’d like to, we won’t stop you!



Choose one or both of these challenges to complete.

Which is your favourite idea?


How would you describe this character in a story?



Spelling Activity Sheet

Have a go at the first 2 pages of this document.  (The other pages will be used in following weeks).



For spelling, the spelling lists for Years 3/4 and 5/6 are provided below:

Year 3/4 Spellings                       Year 5/6 Spellings



Our Reading Adventure is still very much underway, and reading is a fantastic form of escape for children, especially during this time of physical distancing and more limited opportunities to travel and socialise.

Please encourage children to read as much as possible and complete the Reading Adventure tasks.  Please also question them on their understanding and opinions of what they read.


Here are some other reading tasks you may want to do-

  • There is a great reading comprehension in the Lighthouse pack (for English) – see pg. 11
  • Mars reading comprehension differentiated – this comprehension has 1 star (pg 1 – 3), 2 star (pg 5 – 7) and 3 star (pg 9 – 13) texts to read and matching questions.


These next activities might not all be completed in 1 week – these activities may stay the same for a couple of weeks to give you time to complete them…


As part of our ‘Stargazers‘ topic we have recently started listening to Gustav Holst’s planet suite, starting with Mars.  It would be great if the children could listen to some more of the planets.     Let us know what they think.



  • Read through this knowledge organiser from our Autumn term science topic-


How much of this have you remembered?!

Can you explain any of the scientific words to an adult in your home?

Can you find any examples of cogs, pulleys and levers in your house?

Can you make a list of examples of where air resistance is helpful or where something is streamlined to avoid too much air resistance?


  • We have almost finished this science topic.  Read through this knowledge organiser and see if it is familiar!

properties and changes in materials


  • There was one more experiment that we were going to do in class…  do you remember, I asked you to bring in glass jars?… we never used them…

This experiment is one that can easily be set up at home.  It is quick to set up and you can observe the changes over time.  Once you start seeing results, send photos to your teacher on dojo and we’ll see whose is the most impressive!

Here are some simple instructions to follow –


If you don’t have toothpicks, you could tie one end of the string to an old pencil (to rest on the top of the jar) and the other to a paperclip (as a weight to dangle in the saltwater solution).

This experiment is to show that dissolving salt in water is a reversible change – you can get the salt back out…


  • Mrs Carling has asked that we share with you the 2nd set of family science – kitchen cupboard fun.  Fam Sci2

There are some great water based investigations that look like really good fun. (I think I’ll be trying them at home too)

Please send us any pictures on dojo of your investigations!



Creating a space themed stop motion animation –

Miss Hargreaves has put together this lovely stop motion animation project for you to try…

Click the link for instructions –

Miss Hargreaves stop motion animation task

You will need this app –



Children will miss out on the activity that PE and play times currently provide.  However,  if they are lucky enough to have a garden we would really like to see any dens they could build.  No garden or bad weather?  Build one in their bedroom!

Loads of you are joining in with Joe Wicks PE lessons at 9am every morning (I am too!).  Did you know, every penny of the money Joe Wicks makes from these videos, he is donating to the NHS – I think this is such a generous gesture and it makes me want to tune in even more!

Children can also access Go Noodle on You Tube or through a Google search.  Generally, they love doing the wacky activities!



We are coming up to Easter – do you know the Easter story?  What were the events leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion and what happened after he died?  You could write the story or show it in a comic strip.

Our question for this half term’s RE was – Did God intend Jesus to be crucified and if so, was Jesus aware of this?



Decision trees –

Open the link to see the task!

Decision Trees



Once again, we’d love to see the children’s work and will do our best to facilitate learning for the time that school is suspended.

The Year 5 Teachers and Teaching Assistants